Q: So what is included in my purchase?

A: If you order from our wig collection, you are getting 2 bundles (if you choose the length 10"-14"), 3 Bundles (if you choose the length 16"-22") or 4 bundles (If you choose the length (24"-28") of our High Quality Brazilian Hair in the needed texture. A Lace closure, or frontal depending on which you choose. A full custom wig wig construction to fit your head circumference with the customisation of your lace system including bleaching the knots and plucking the hair line. If you choose one of our gorgeous coloured wigs, then you get the custom colour included. You also get an appointment to get your hair installed and styled at the CDBeautyCo Studio or if you'd prefer for you wig to be sent to you, you will get free Royal Mail Special Tracked and Signed Delivery within the UK. Yes all of that, for the price that you pay at checkout. And of course, you get a free Luxury Satin Travel Bag

Q: How do I schedule my appointment?

A: After you place your wig order you will receive a call from us within 24 hours asking you if and when you would like your appointment. All appointments will be made two weeks ahead of time, to allow enough time for your wig to be made perfectly. For example, if you place your order on Thursday 1st November, you will receive a call from us that Thursday or Friday 2nd November ask you if you would like an appointment or would prefer if your wig was just sent to you. If you would like an appointment, your appoint can be on any day after November 15th from 9-5pm. Once your appointment day and time has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and a text 2 days before your appointment. 

Q: What is included in my appointment?

A: At your appointment you will have your hair cornrowed, your scalp moisturised and you wig installed using Got2b Gel or Lace Glue and your hair styled. All you need to do it come with freshly washed hair.

Q: How long on average will it take for my wig to be delivered?

A: We try our best to get your wig to you as fast as possible. All custom wigs take 8-10 working days to completed. If you would like your wig to be delivered straight to you it will take an additional. 1 working day for delivery.

Q: How early in advance do I need to order a wig for an occasion ?

A: We know having a big day coming up can sometimes mean your hair slips your mind, but we recommend making sure you order at least 10 working days before the day before you need your wig. But if you are in urgent need, simply email us at and we can see what we can do for you.

Q: What separates CDBeautyCo from others in the industry?

A: Simply put, our love for hair and our love for you. The black beauty experience is something close to our heart so we're dedicated to making the CDBeautyCo experience as great as possible. We have some of the most affordable hair extensions and wig making services on the market. Great attention to detail and dedication to great customer service. We're good at what we do and we take it seriously. Plus we'll leave you love letters in your wig packages; the love's free of charge!

Q: Are there any discounts or rewards in place?

A: Whilst are wigs are already amazingly affordable, we recommend joining our members list to be notified of our secret sale. Becoming a member means you also get treated on your birthday and are automatically a part of our loyalty programme, meaning you get more discounts the more you order with us.

Q: Can I customise a wig to suit me or must it be one of CDBeauty wigs with a few tweaks?

A: You can do both! We try our best to keep our wig collection page as filled with different styles as possible; any wig you see on their can have its length customised and you can choose whether you want a frontal or closure version. But if you don't see what you're looking for on there simply email and let's talk about making your ideas come to life! 

Q: Is 1 year of continuous reuse a guarantee?

A: As long as you take care of your wig, of course. A lot of people don't know how to take care of their extensions and units so we try to provide you with enough content, information and accessories to help you get the most out of what you pay for. There is no guarantee or warranty on our units, however if you need help taking care of it we offer a revamp service so leave your unit with us for a few days and receive it as good as new. 

Q: What can I do if I am unhappy with the wig, and what is your return policy?

A: In the rare occurrence that you don't fall in love with your wig we will do all we can to work on it till you're satisfied. We don't offer refunds on wig making services, or bespoke units. 

Q: Is shipping international?

A: Yes we do! The CDBeautyCo Experience is a global one. We don't take responsibility for any custom fees you may need to pay on your side of the pond. So far the furthest we've gone is New York City, let's see if you can beat that!

Q: Can I send back my wig for maintenance after a few months?

A: Definitely. We know sometimes we can be a bit rough with our units, or not have the time to give it the care it needs, so we're here to do that for you. Simply purchase our revamp service or shoot us an email first and we'll get back to you about when to bring it in for some lovin'!

Q: Is there a way of trying out the wig in question before purchase?

A: Unfortunately not. All of our wigs are made to order. However, we do ask for your head measurement for every order so that we can ensure a good fit so you don't have to worry much about fit.

Ask anything by emailing us