"About two years ago when I first had the thoughts about the Create & Define Beauty Company I just wanted to create a space in which Black Woman were celebrated, appreciated and served. I think the beauty industry has hugely neglected and underserved Black Women whether that be a lack of foundation shades or just poor customer service. I think the treatment that sometimes we get or we give ourselves in those interactions don't always reflect just how much of a major contributor financially we are to the industry. 

So I wanted to create a business which at its core gave back to the Black Woman and appreciated her contributions, her hard earned coin and gave back to my community; and I think that's what it's all about. 

CDBeautyCo isn't just about me, amazing hair extensions or phenomenal wigs, it's about seeing the black beauty experience for what it is - a beautiful bonding experience!

But when it lacks those structural pillars that will hold it up and really make it functional for our community you don't really see that beautiful aspect of it as much. 

So I wanted to create a business which was just that, a business which Redefined the Beauty Experience for Black Women, and here we are at the beginning of that."

- Courtney Daniella Boateng, CEO & Founder of CDBeautyCo